Isaac Fung

Dual Major in Computer Engineering and Data Science

Ann Arbor, MI


Technical Experience

Software Engineering Intern / 2Rogues
May 2019 - Current

o Implementing and deploying entire mobile application using React Native as part of a 2-person developer team

Research Assistant / CROMA Lab
Mar. 2019 - Current

o Advised by Professor Walter Lasecki, and performing Human-AI and Human Computer Interaction Research

o Integrating novel method of using human-beat-the-machine machine learning (ML) classifier data that finds unknown unknowns with crowdsourcing algorithms to improve the accuracy and cost of training an AI

o Designed a user interface with MeteorJS for crowd-workers to create labels for crowdsourcing algorithms

Student Machine Learning Researcher / Multidisciplinary Design Program
Jan. 2019 - Current

o Advised by Professor L. Jay Guo, using machine learning and computer vision for symptom diagnosis

o Implemented ML algorithms with Python in scikit-learn on table and image datasets

o Tested ML models to minimize bias and optimize for true positives; predicted 10+ diseases with 85% accuracy

Data Analytics Researcher / New York Academy of Sciences
Jul. 2017 - Jul. 2018

o Co-led 5 students to perform statistical analysis to determine correlations relating to climate change using Python data visualization and data manipulation libraries and MATLAB; work published in STEM Fellowship Journal


University of Michigan
2018 - 2021

B.S.E. Computer Engineering

B.S.E. Data Science

Minor in Mathematics/Statistics